Joint Blade Rotor A/S is established to test and market the patented joint blade system.

The system is the result of research from Aalborg University, Denmark (AAU) and the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (M-Tech). With their expertise within aerodynamics, an alternative design of a blade for horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) was developed.

The blade differs dramatically from a standard design and therefore, was patented by the inventors. The next step was to test a full size version of the design which had to be performed outside the university offices. For this purpose JBR was established. 

There has been tremendous interest from investors, and a well-funded company was established to take over the project from Aalborg University. All rights and patents were transferred to JBR which is now partly owned by AAU, private investors, and early-stage investment funds. The investors and investment funds have majority of ownership.

Of course, testing and documentation of results are still focus areas for Joint Blade Rotor A/S. At the moment, testing is carried out in cooperation with  Nordic Folkecenter.

Finding the best ways of utilizing the patent in the market is an even bigger focus area. Potential business partners for future production and go-to-market channels are therefore welcome to make contact. At this point, no exclusive co-operation models in the market are established.


A full-size prototype (8m) has been produced and has undergone various tests. 

The first rotor set is currently undergoing performance testing on a live turbine on a site in Thy, Denmark.

It is most important that efficiency is significantly improved giving a better power production percentage in low winds of around 20%.

JBR’s sole focus is on blade development, and there is no strategy to develop, produce and/or market a wind turbine. Therefore, a closer cooperation with a turbine producer is needed for long-term market development as well as with refurbishing companies.