Improving wind-power production

The Joint Blade Rotor system is a patented blade design for wind turbines, which utilizes the powers of wind with much higher efficiency than traditional blades. The blade is designed as a twin-blade with stability, lighter construction, and aerodynamic benefits as result.

The blade is the outcome of research within the university of Aalborg University, Denmark.

Each blade consists of a set of two smaller blades. The theory behind the concept is, that two smaller blades running parallel utilizes the power in the wind better.

At the same time, the joint 2/3 out from root of the blade makes it more stable and in larger scale weight can be reduced.

The blade can be designed for stall- as well as pitch-regulated turbines. The first full size rotor set is produced for a pitch-regulated turbine and is produced in a length of 8 meter. A size which fits to a 60KW turbine.

The blade is produced in standard glass fiber, and as the sketch shows a root connector attaches the ends of the two blades to a standard root mounting. This way the blade can be mounted on any pitch regulated turbine and is not dependent upon a specific root connection.